How much importance do you place on your business brands color selection? You might not realize the fact that colors play a significant role in whether your product or business’ brand stands out from the crowd or not, choosing the right colors to represent what you and your business are about, can determine how that message is ultimately received by your prospective customers and how they respond.  Color is the most noticed aspect of your brand, and using the right color is everything! What’s your color?

Color is best used when integrated throughout the company, making appearances in the logo, landing pages, websites, products and more to ensure maximum continuity. Of the top 9 colors used, the most popular branding colors used by successful brands are….red, blue, greyscale and yellow.

I’ve chosen blue for this site,, according to the info-graphic, blue is supposed to put people at ease and is reminiscent of the sky and ocean. Blue engenders trustworthiness, dependability, security and responsibility.

Studies have shown that a products’ color can influence 60 to 80% of a potential customers purchasing decision, which is motivation enough to take this aspect of your marketing very seriously. See below how your brands’ color influences your audience. Do you agree with the summations?

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Top 9 Branding colors for Your Business and what they mean

Infographic Thanks to © chelseykilzer for Daily Infographic, 2012.

Obviously color plays a significant role in business, product branding and logo design, it makes sense to give it the attention it deserves. It costs nothing to choose a color for your branding, so why not take a little extra care and choose the right one for your brand, it could mean the difference between consumer recognition or rejection, meager profits or stellar profits.

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